A New Path

After five years of fun ride in advertising agencies, I decided to take a new path with Capital One’s enterprise digital analytics team. This is by no means an easy decision because all of the perks and excitement working in an ad agency certainly outweigh the stress and long hours from time to time. My friends understand I’ve always inspired to be a “mad woman,” which I even revealed in a recent Ignite Talk in Ann Arbor. It’s hard not to be motivated when working with a team of talented people: tech, design, user experience, and quality assurance. I’ve learned so much, from demanding pixel-perfect assets to running an automated script for regression and smoke tests.

The truth is, I want to grow. I moved from Detroit to the Capital wanting to advance a career in web analytics and growing in data science. The team was small. I had a director at first, and she was knowledgeable. She always challenged me in a way that I would have never had were I to stay in Detroit. I learned how to debug analytics tags, how to advise clients on first versus third party cookies, and how to strategize an analytics proposal and bring in testing and personalization techniques. Then she’s gone, and I became the analytics department of our office, with remote support from our San Francisco office. You might call me crazy for wanting a change because being my own department probably meant I can do whatever I want, which is true sometimes. But the flip side is that my desire to grow and prove my experience for the next level is almost impossible to achieve in such a scenario.

The past 21 months have been great, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that brought me to DC to be with someone I love. I am at a crossroad of my career and I’m ready to take on more: leading a team and mentoring other analysts while furthering expertise in analytics, data science, testing, and personalization techniques.

Someone once told me that to work at a client-side, you’d better enjoy being in the same industry. However, even within finance industry, there are so many different products (i.e., credit cards, consumer loan, investments) and all the product lines require thorough analyses of their online traffic volume and alignment with the business goals. That is where my expertise is needed, and I am beyond excited to share the news with you. Please keep in touch and let me know how you’ve been!

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