Where is your passion? Marketer?

Marketing, by definition, is the “art of matching the user’s needs with a product or service.” It’s also about creating demands, fulfilling needs, and polishing your brands. But for me, marketing is a passion, a skill to communicate with every audience, and an enthusiasm to keep up with consumer behavior, technology, trend, and your own life.

I was arranging all the textbooks and case studies from my BRAND MANAGEMENT courses taught by Prof. John Dix yesterday. Still vividly remember him giving the most touching lecture at the last course about how a marketer should pursue marketing with creativity, continuity, and consistency, and how we, a marketer wannabe, should keep our heart young and passionate with the career, I couldn’t help but to wonder whether this passion only stays at school.

Don’t get me wrong. I read market news and Tech-Crunch almost everyday if possible, and am also a huge fan of the popular social media networks. Every time I learned something new or some fun advertisement campaign, I would be as excited as a baby. But does that mean I still have the passion?

In a role as a marketer, you and I can be cheerleaders, firefighters, facilitators, or even Tom Sawyers. We deal with all kinds of people, fixing all sorts of mission impossible. Our creative pitch gets denied or our brainstorming idea being rejected, and I just couldn’t figure out if there’s a bottom-line before the reality sinks in and eats off all the creative juice, and more importantly,  the stubbornness to keep on going.

And yes, every walk of life has ups and downs and I probably am just at a cross point to sort out my next step in career. But I would really like to know any feedback, any stories, from anyone who happen to bump into this scribble. So where is your passion, marketer?

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