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Why Shouldn’t You Only Look at Metrics

Companies have been developing reports and dashboards to perfect their business intelligence for years, but with buzz around the “Big Data,” all of a sudden everyone seems to pay way too much attention simply on metrics, reports, or dashboards to diagnose business performance. And that’s just wrong. Former business professor Aaron Levenstein once said, “Statistics […]

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No, you Do care.

Have you often heard people say, “I don’t care” whether at work or in life? For some reason these 3 words annoy the crap out of me. Maybe it’s because I take things/words too literal (because English is not my native language) or maybe it’s just my stubborn personality that I would rather take responsibility […]

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We Creative Folks. Am I? Are You?

Difference between marketing & advertising: marketing people are like strategist, whereas advertising folks are, artists.

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