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The Value of Conferences

I’m sure we all have had this experience—going to one of those conferences that everyone is talking about, but at the end of the day wondering if there is any real value in conferences. Over the past few years, I’ve avidly attended some social media / digital marketing conferences (2010 Future Midwest , Brand Camp […]

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Are You the Next Mad Men? (Ignite Ann Arbor Talk)

We all have New Year Resolutions, and mine was to do another talk since the first one at Ignite Detroit. (You can find the link to the video here) So here I am, at UM Ross Business School, sharing another milestone of mine with hundreds of people who care to spend the night listening to […]

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The Future of Social Media Events – Inspired by FutureMidwest 2011

This past week I attended another great social media event, FutureMidwest. I definitely see the community has been effectively establishing itself to become a hub of digital and local innovation. Even folks from a Chicago-based company, Manifest Digital, commented that, “Detroit is better situated than Chicago to entrepreneurship and startups.” FutureMidwest also brought me to […]

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