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The Meaning of Travel

There is an old Chinese idiom, “Resting is for the sake of the longer journey ahead.” Travel, in a way, is close to resting. My recent Greece trip involved lots of resting, not in a sense of sleeping, but in a sense of doing things I’ve longed for but haven’t had a chance to do […]

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The Creativity Split (China’s No Panda Express, part 2)

If you think Chinese-speaking countries (Hong Kong, Taiwan and China) do not have creative talents, you are wrong. The post compares the different campaigns between US and China and concludes that the creativity split between the eastern culture and the western one rises from the subtleties of emotion approach.

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Crazy & Fabulous – What Does Halloween and Branding Have in Common?

It’s that time of the year. People start brainstorming all sorts of crazy ideas for Halloween costumes. Picture a ladybug costume with polka dots and an antennae headband. For a six-year-old, a ladybug costume is absolutely cute, but for a twenty-six-year old? It’s either plain or uncreative. I’m sure there are other purposes than simply […]

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