Moments in Life

Have you ever wanted to set yourself free and just go somewhere and do something to refresh yourself?

I do. And the desire has never been stronger.

I am going to go somewhere by myself.

“Don’t go alone. Maybe therapy is better to confront your issues…” a friend of mine was really concenrned. I smiled, “since when this is a sign of unhealthiness?”

Perhaps I was being melancholy. But I came to realize, life is so much challenging after school.

When you are at school, you know your GPA is going to rock if you study really hard.

When you are at school, you can simply choose subjects that are interesting and drop those that are not.

There’s always a goal. Get higher GPA, expand your extracurriculum activities, build you leadership, graduate with honors, and get a good job.

When we graduate from school, there’s a whole new different story.

But one thing stays unchanged: if we don’t advance yourself, soon we will be replaced by someone else. So I keep trying. But there’s always new challenges, new goals, and sometimes I feel I never have enough knowledge to adjust if I am heading to the right direction: to love and to pride myself for being part of something marvelous.

Last year at Future MidWest, I met Blagica Bottigliero. She told a story about how she moved to a big city and lived the fullest every single moment. There were good times and bad times, but all the experience built up her confidence and a great journey which can be found at her blog & Gal’s Guide. So a week before my 1st Future MidWest anniversary, I wanted to follow Blagica’s footstep and to go somewhere by myself.

What about you? What do you do to readjust life directions and to refresh yourself?

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