"Lost" before Found

It all went back to 2004. And for the past 6 years, we all, live in the same island like Jack, Sawyer, Lock, and Kate did.

I’m sure after the finale people will still be talking about the show. “So when did Oceanic 6 die?” “What’s gonna happen to those who remain on the island?”And yes, before the show ended you and I heard about thousands sayings and sure we will hear the same for the coming weeks. Those flash forward, backward, or even sideways never seem to find the perfect answer on May 23, but I sort of like how Lost chose to end with this conversation between Christian Shephard (Jack’s father) and Jack in church.
“Why are we all here? To do what?” Jack asked.
“To remember. To Let go. To move on.”

It seems to me that there’s no better way to define the ending of this show. Or more so, to life and to people who once made an impact in our lives. We might all wanna be like Richard who never ages, or be like Locke who always have so much faith that “nobody can tell me what I can’t do.” In the end, we all live in this “fandom.”
That nobody is irreplaceable, that nobody, is incapable of dreaming something big.
We may just get lucky like Hurley to win the big lottery, or we might never be as fortunate to reunite with our beloved like Desmond & Penny. But oh well, the process in between might just be as precious as our expectation, so that we remember every single moment we put our heart & soul in. And when it comes to an end, we keep those beautiful memories, letting go, and moving on.
Isn’t it a good way to realize all these simple theories & being found?

Lost ends.
“But it also taught the networks that this epic model was viable,” said Tim Kring, creator of Heros
And I’ve already seen tons of interesting comments & creative juices flowing around.
If JJ Abrams made Lost happen, there will be, I’m sure, the next epic waiting us ahead.

We all remember those Lost characters’ stories & lives being intertwined with destiny & faith, but now
We let go with all the residues & sadness the show ended
We move on & make the next epic be found.

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