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No, you Do care.

Have you often heard people say, “I don’t care” whether at work or in life? For some reason these 3 words annoy the crap out of me. Maybe it’s because I take things/words too literal (because English is not my native language) or maybe it’s just my stubborn personality that I would rather take responsibility […]

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Social Media for a Good Cause

Let’s start off with a question: What do you use social media for?  I believe we all have different reasons. While some people, like me, use it for information and engagement, others use it for a better cause. Like Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) use his TV blog & tweets to shout out voices in our society […]

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Outshine, with an implementation mindset

Prime Your Mind for Action Step 1 – Pick a project Step 2 – Set up 5 implementation steps Step 3 – Identify when, where, and how Doing biz sometimes feels building legos. No shortcut. Yet it requires constant brainstorming and persistance to finish your masterpiece. Nowadays so many people focus on job security rather […]

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