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This is a Teaser: Are You the Next Donald Draper?

According to eMarketer (emarketer.com), US total media ad spending next year is going to exceed $170 billion, indicating a 3% growth, while digital spend is going to increase by 14%. This is a figure that makes the online advertising industry look quite promising in the future. Don’t you think? Maybe it’s too soon for us […]

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Are There Better Places to be?

I still remember the feeling I had a month ago upon learning Steve Jobs passed away. The news, for some reason, made me extremely upset. And listening to his famous speech at Stanford, which embraced the ideals of creativity and pursuing careers that ignite lives, certainly did not alleviate my feelings of loss. I kept […]

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We Creative Folks. Am I? Are You?

Difference between marketing & advertising: marketing people are like strategist, whereas advertising folks are, artists.

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