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One street, one window, and one plaza – a collage of my Spain journey

Even outside of the airplane window, a gloomy sky awaiting, I told myself, “Everything is going to be alright.” That is how elated I was: a week in Spain made me feel like a new person. I still remember the moment when I arrived in Madrid. Our cab pulling from roundabouts and swirling in between […]

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Your Birthday Gift to Me

I turn 28 today. This year has been the fifth year since I followed my American dream and moved to the States. As much as I miss my parents and family back in Taiwan, I feel living in the States provides me with another perspective I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m more willing to speak up, […]

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I "Heart" San Francisco

Everyone knows I love to travel. Being up in the air, take off, few hours later a whole new different city. San Francisco trip is a much-needed getaway since my Washington DC trip in April. Originally it was brewed between my cousin & I whether flying to Arizona experiencing the splendid outdoors or to Seattle […]

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