This is a Teaser: Are You the Next Donald Draper?

According to eMarketer (, US total media ad spending next year is going to exceed $170 billion, indicating a 3% growth, while digital spend is going to increase by 14%. This is a figure that makes the online advertising industry look quite promising in the future. Don’t you think?

Maybe it’s too soon for us to tell, but at least you know there have been (and will be) a lot of technology transitions and media channel revolutions. in the ad world. With that being said, can you see yourself working in the industry?
Picture this: you start your day with a cross agency conference call. At 10:00 AM you’re in front of the computer, interpreting a nine-month performance dataset. (Big data! Aren’t you excited?) An hour later you pick up a call walking your clients through a strategy deck you’ve been working on. Noon comes with an internal lunch & learns about some new media channels and their application. Your afternoon hours are split between market research, ad hoc analysis, and bouncing ideas off your team about developing a training presentation for the agency.
If you are like me, and the latest technology/tools/advertising channels excite you, you would probably find the “day-to-day” description above exciting.
Actually, Oct 30th will mark the sixth month since I stepped into the industry, and I have grown more and more in love with the agency and the industry. I feel like it’s supposed to be where I belong. If you’re curious about how to get into the industry, you have to come see me at Ignite Ann Arbor where I will be presenting “Are You the Next Donald Draper?” (
  •  A little spoiler: advertising is NOT just about fluffy puppies.
Please come see me whether you’re into the industry or simply just want a different perspective comparing the advertising agency world to the corporate world. You can get your free tickets here
See you on Thursday (Oct 25th) at U of M campus!
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