2 Office Personas You Don’t Even Realize…

Many great books & authors have been talking about reshaping the ideology of “the office.” In Rework, the fast hiring process and big companies are interpreted as “strangers in a cocktail party.” In Seth Godin’s last blog, the office space is described as a “150 year old factory.”
True. With the advanced technology, we do not need an office. Yet why there are still so many corporations setting up offices, building branches, and staffing employees all over the place? Maybe doing so makes the company look good on press? But by keeping people in one building doesn’t necessarily turn them into collaborator or contributor. The office syndrome roots 2 different personas in both of us we don’t even realize: 

  • Nanny: Ever had the experience of “re-visiting” projects or cases over & over again? Ever had to remind those who you work in the same team more than 10 times about something that’s due within few hours? You get the point. Working in the same building makes all us nannies, whether you want to be one or not.
  • Baseman: Even I’ve only been to 1 baseball game in my life I get the point of basemen standing on their bases waiting for that single home-run to send them home. Same scenario happens in offices, “I’ve waited 3 days to get that document from so and so and it turned out to be a week…” We’ve been waiting others’ to hit the ball, to score, or to make things happen. You would imagine you can just walk over to the person’s desk and score, but nah…office doesn’t make us batting champions.

I tried my best to avoid falling into these personas, but over time I see tiny influences in office space that hold me in. Thoughts? I wish I’d have the luxury working in a coffee shop yet still make things happen.

What kind of personas do you have in your office?

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  1. antonio
    2010/07/02 at 6:35 PM #

    Good observations there Evelyn. Even though I don’t work in offices, I do see those persona’s. I’ve also seen the “pushers” who encourage you to get work done (whether or not they are actually getting things done). My one boss was kind of like the Eye of Sauron, just kept watching you looking for something to criticize you for, I suspect she had work to do, but harassing co-workers was more important to her.

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